Incoming flu: apps to keep your health in check

With winter just around the corner, there's a risk of catching the flu. Thanks to some apps you can learn technical terms and get information about vaccines

With a winter that promises to be very harsh, the flu becomes a common problem for all of us. Medicines, antibiotics and tissues become in this period the best companions of the Italians. But technology can come to our rescue: in addition to the many specialized sites on the Net, it is possible to download on your smartphone or tablet applications that allow you to be informed about the arrival of the flu and the technical terms to use in bar discussions.

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But that's not all. Users can constantly monitor their health level thanks to apps that allow them to check their blood pressure level and the number of beats per minute. In case you find any abnormal value you should immediately run to your family doctor. In addition, in some Italian regions there is an application that allows you to know when to take the vaccine and to know the various effects thanks to some information sheets. To keep your health under control, here are the applications to install on your smartphone.