Instagram adds new filters: increasingly similar to Snapchat

The filters added on Instagram take advantage of reality increases to give a touch of animated fantasy to selfies. News also regarding Stories

The latest innovations introduced by Instagram could permanently corner what until a few years ago was one of the most original applications: Snapchat. As the instant messaging application, the social of Mark Zuckerberg has in fact added new filters for the face.

The filters, which at the moment are only eight, work exactly like those of SnapChat and serve to give a touch of animated fantasy to selfies. To the photos, in fact, users can add, to give some examples, the ears and nose of a rabbit, a pair of nerd glasses, or a crown. And many more filters could be added in the coming weeks. The filters are not yet available to everyone. Instagram, in fact, has begun the roll out, that is, the release of the update that includes the new features, in these hours and it could be days before they arrive in Italy.

How the filters work

The operation of the filters in augmented reality is very simple. As happens in Snapchat, it will be enough to frame your face and choose from the menu at the bottom of the page one of the "masks" available. The update will arrive both on smartphones that run on Android and on mobile devices produced by Apple.

The news, however, are not finished. In addition to animated filters, Instagram with the new update also introduces other features. Let's start with the first one: "Rewind". This is a feature that allows you to play back a recorded video in reverse. The social network has also launched a tool that allows you to add a hashtag to Stories, thus making the search for photos easier and more immediate, and an eraser to erase drawings previously added to images.