Instagram updates: the “Likes” arrive even in comments

The social launches its new features, now it will allow to put a like in the form of a heart to a comment but also to block any comment under a post

Instagram continues its work for the protection of users and in a particular way to avoid insults and offenses through comments on photos. The social network has released a new update that includes two new features for everyone: liking comments and blocking comments under photos.

Instagram and liking comments.

Instagram's new features were made public by Kevin Systrom himself, the co-founder of the social network. Systrom stated that starting with the latest update it will be possible to put likes under each comment. This will appear in Instagram style, that is, with a little heart under the comment itself. For Systrom, the ability to like is critical to the future of the platform, as it will, "encourage the spread of a positive spirit throughout the community." This will be especially useful for profiles with many followers where insults can be put on the back burner thanks to appreciated and positive comments.

Block comments under photos

Under some particular photos, or under each photo based on your choices it will also be possible to block any comments. Obviously this affects both those who follow you and those who don't. Disabling a comment under a post is quite simple. First, we can select "Advanced Settings" before publishing the post, and then click on "Disable comments". Also, you can select an option in the menu that, at any time after the post is published, will re-enable comments in photos.