Intesa San Paolo down today, the home banking service doesn’t work

Since the morning of Sunday, June 16, problems have been reported with the Intesa San Paolo website: you can't log in either from the app or the website

The Intesa San Paolo home banking service doesn't work. Sunday problem for customers of the Italian bank: you can't log in to the home banking service either from the mobile app or the website. Those who try to enter their credentials and PIN are greeted by an error message "we apologize but, due to a technical problem, you cannot continue. Please try again later or contact us".

We don't know the cause or the reason why Intesa San Paolo's home banking service is down, but it is definitely creating big problems for users. On, a website that collects users' reports when an online service or an application is not working, there are hundreds of comments from Intesa San Paolo customers. Reading the complaints it is possible to understand what is happening: you cannot login and you cannot access any of the bank's services. You can't make transfers, pay bills or make transactions. Intesa San Paolo technicians are working to solve the problem as soon as possible. We will follow Intesa San Paolo down also in the next hours: we will keep you updated.

Why Intesa San Paolo is not working

We do not know the causes that do not allow users to access the home banking service of Intesa San Paolo. This is not the first time: in recent months the Intesa San Paolo website has not created more than a few problems for the bank's customers. The reason could be in the new token system used by Intesa San Paolo to login in the home banking service, but there are no certainties nor official communications from the bank. The technicians will surely be working to solve the problem: we will keep you updated.

Update 13:15. Intesa San Paolo website is working again