InTraffic Reply, the Samsung app that responds to messages while driving

Still available only in beta version, In-Traffic Reply automatically responds to a message received from a user while driving

The data speak for themselves: road accidents caused by smartphones, some of which are fatal, are on the rise. On average, according to some studies, to respond to a text message a driver is distracted for 10 seconds. An infinite amount of time in which anything can happen while behind the wheel.

Technology has decided to take the field, creating solutions designed to improve the safety of drivers. The latest hi-tech manufacturer to launch a novelty is Samsung. The Dutch division of the South Korean company has developed, in fact, an application,  available only in beta version, able to automatically respond to a message received from a driver. In-Traffic Reply, this is the name of the software produced by Samsung, works only when the user is on the move. The application, according to what is guessed, will be able to be used not only in the car, but also when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.

How it works In-Traffic Reply

The operation of Samsung's application is very simple and aims to help drivers stay focused while driving. If a user receives a message, In-Traffic Reply sends a standard response to the sender that more or less sounds like this: "I'm in traffic, I can't answer right now". The automatic response message can still be customized. As mentioned, In-Traffic Reply is still only downloadable in beta version from the Google Play Store. The official launch will take place next month, starting right from the Netherlands. Although there's no news, it's likely that Samsung's app will later arrive in other countries, hopefully including Italy.