LG will launch a smartphone that rolls up, here’s when

LG continues to develop innovative design solutions for its smartphones: after the LG Wing with wings, now it's thinking about a device with a screen that rolls up.

LG would be planning the first smartphone with a particularly interesting design: in fact, the device would be able to roll up on itself. It would certainly not be the first phone launched by the South Korean company to have a particularly attractive shape, given the experiments carried out already since 2018.

The ODM project, Original Design Manufacturer, or to entrust to some factories (including Chinese companies Wingtech, Huaqin and Longchee) that focus heavily on the visual effect and the particularity of the design the design and manufacture of the devices, has already started two years ago with the entrusting of 10% of the specimens. In 2019, production has grown, reaching 30% until touching, at least by forecast, 60% by the end of this year. The number is set to increase, however, as by 2021 LG has estimated that ODMs will be entrusted with as much as 70% of production.

B Project, LG's first roll-up smartphone

The first phone that rolls up is being produced under the codename B Project and will be produced entirely by LG. It is not the only one in production, however, as it will be joined by LG's first flagship phone, in the works under the name Rainbow.

For both there is already a release date that, for B Project, is scheduled for March 2021 while Rainbow will see the light in the first part of next year, with a date not yet fully specified. It will be part of the Explorer Project just like its predecessor LG Wing the new South Korean product and will certainly be the first of its kind to have the particular feature that distinguishes it.

B Project, how it works

Although there are still no definitive news, some indiscretions about the operation of the peculiar phone has already leaked. It is known that B Project will have one of the two sides of the screen can be pulled to expand the area of the display available and have a better view.

So you can think of saying goodbye to smartphones too large to be kept in your pocket, since with the new project of LG the size could be chosen at will by the user, according to the needs of the moment, whether it be to make a phone call or watch a streaming video.

Rainbow, what do we know about the flagship phone

Unlike B Project, Rainbow not only won't be rollable but will have similar specifications to LG's V series. Just last March, in the U.S., LG has launched just the V60 Thinq 5G, cell phone equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, a step forward compared to the Velvet model that instead mounted "only" a Snapdragon 765.