Microsoft presents Surface Hub 2, the mega-tablet as big as a TV

Microsoft is working on a new mega-tablet for the office that will be launched in 2019, will have a 50.5-inch screen in 4K and will be useful in meetings

Who remembers the Microsoft Surface Hub? Presented in 2015 and launched on the market in 2016, the megatablet (or interactive whiteboard) for the office of the Redmond house has never been too successful, so much so that a few thousand copies were sold (about 5,000 according to official data).

The Redmond house, however, does not give up and, somewhat surprisingly, launches the Microsoft Surface Hub 2, the new generation of the mega-tablet with Windows 10 on board. Designed for offices, the Surface Hub 2 has a 4K screen of 50.5 inches, can be installed on any surface and, thanks to the sensors with which it is equipped, can be used both horizontally and vertically. Ideal for projecting slides and do brainstorming, it synchronizes with PCs and smartphones and can be used by multiple users at the same time. The features and possible uses of the Surface Hub 2, however, are many more.

Add up to four mega-tablets

If in small offices a single Hub 2 may be more than enough, in a large meeting room you can think of combining up to four interactive whiteboards and create a single giant screen of about 200 inches. Each Surface Hub 2, moreover, can be managed individually, so as to show different images or slides and make a comparison between several products or elements. The maxi-tablet can be managed either through the touchscreen or synchronized with computers or smartphones and controlled remotely. At the top of the screen, there is also a high-resolution webcam for professional, high-end video conferencing.

Availability and Price Surface Hub 2

It's too early to tell if Surface Hub 2 will be the innovative office tool that Microsoft hopes to make. The Redmond-based company, of course, is hopeful and will start testing the Surface Hub 2 with some strategic partners by the end of the year. The device is expected to launch officially in 2019. There are no official pricing details yet, but it is likely that the mega-tablet will cost between 6,000 and 7,000 euros. According to other rumors, however,Microsoft may launch the office tablet with an even more aggressive price to counter the Jamboard, Google's office whiteboard, which costs less than 6 thousand euros.