Microsoft, the Surface Book 2 is coming. It will cost just over 1000 euros

The Surface Book 2 should arrive between the end of March and early April: it will no longer be a 2-1 hybrid device and will have a lower price

In a few weeks it could be the day of the new Surface Book 2. According to what emerges from the latest rumors circulating on the net, Microsoft could launch the second-generation portable device between late March and early April.

The date is not the only information leaked by the rumors. The aspect that surprises perhaps more than any other is the decision - or allegedly so - to produce a device more attractive to users. The Surface Book 2, according to these reports, will have a less sophisticated and more traditional design. It will no longer be a hybrid device, but a simple notebook. No news regarding the materials: the device should continue to have an aluminum body and mount a 13.5-inch display. What's still true, it's hard to know at the moment. The Redmond-based company for now has not announced any presentation.

Price Surface Book 2

It remains, therefore, that we continue to rely on new rumors to try to anticipate the future plans that Microsoft has in store for the Surface Book 2. The changes in design, according to rumors, are also attributable to the desire of Redmond to create a distinct product and different from the Surface Pro. The alleged indiscretions also try to hypothesize the price of the new notebook of the company founded by Bill Gates, which should be around $ 1000. Well below the 1400 - 1500 dollars required for the previous model.

There is another clue, always claim the rumors, which suggests that the launch of the Surface Book 2 is now imminent: the cut of $ 200 in the list price of the Surface Book Core 5i 128 GB. The attempt would be to sell off all stock of the old hybrid device and make room for the new one.