Netflix, free movies and documentaries on YouTube: here’s how to watch them

Netflix has made it free to watch movies and documentaries on its YouTube page. Here's how to watch them and how to add Italian subtitles

Teachers ask, Netflix answers. In the last few weeks Italian teachers and schools have been asking Netflix for the possibility to make some educational films and documentaries available to students for free, and the video streaming platform has responded in a very innovative way: it has uploaded some content on its YouTube channel and everyone can watch them without paying the monthly subscription.

Netflix has always allowed schools to watch some documentaries in the classroom. With schools closed, however, this is not possible and so a viable alternative has been found: uploading some content to Netflix USA's YouTube page. The only penalty to pay is the fact that movies and documentaries are in English, but subtitles are available in more than 10 languages, including Italian. In addition to watching the documentary, Netflix has also created educational materials that can be downloaded by teachers and shared with their students. Here's how to watch Netflix movies and documentaries for free.

Netflix, free movies and documentaries for school

Movies like "13th Amendment", hit documentaries like "Our Planet" and some episodes of "In a nutshell", these are some of the content that Netflix has made free for teachers and students on the Netflix USA YouTube page.

What do you need to do to watch free Netflix movies and documentaries with your pupils? Very simple, just go to the Netflix YouTube page and press on the Videos section. A new page will open with a list of all available movies and documentaries. Per ogni documentario o film è disponibile anche del materiale didattico da utilizzare per le lezioni a distanza. Ecco la lista dei contenuti Netflix gratuiti:

  • XII Emendamento (film)
  • Abstract: The Art of Design (prima stagione della serie)
  • Bebè: viaggio nel primo anno di vita (episodi selezionati della serie)
  • Chasing Coral (film)
  • In poche parole (episodi selezionati della serie)
  • Alla conquista del Congresso (film)
  • Il nostro pianeta (serie)
  • Il ciclo del progresso (cortometraggio)
  • Caschi bianchi (cortometraggio)
  • Zion (cortometraggio)
  • Babies (serie).

I contenuti sono in inglese, ma sono disponibili i sottotitoli in italiano. To activate them, all you have to do is start playing the content, press on the first icon in the bottom right corner that says "Subtitles" and the Italian subtitles will automatically appear.

It is not known how long the titles will remain available for free on YouTube, so the advice is to take advantage of it as soon as possible and let your pupils and even your children watch the documentaries.