Ninja, the controversy continues: the streamer predicts the end of Fortnite

Tyler Blevins does not send them to say: "I tell you, they must be careful. They are pulling the rope too much" and abandons the game

It does not seem to want to stop the controversy against Epic Games of Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins, the most famous streamer of Fortnite. Yet on the Battle Royale, the player has built his entire career, coming to earn staggering figures. It's nothing new, in fact, that the player turns on the game's developers. Perhaps, however, this time he may have gone a little overboard, as he has come to predict the 'death' of the most played video game of recent times.

That's right, Ninja has declared that if the appeals of the community are not taken into account, the title will end up like H1Z1, an action video game that has lost so many players that it has practically reached 'closure'. What made the streamer think this way? A few days ago we told you that Ninja (along with other gamers) had not sent down the update 8.20 of Fortnite, because it introduced some new features considered responsible for having upset the balance and the original features of the game.

It would seem that the update in question has really upset the player that, despite the 10 million dollars earned last year thanks to Fortnite, he would have decided to abandon the game to devote himself to other titles, including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. And he didn't stop there. He has 'launched' a message to Epic Games in which he explained that if you continue to ignore the community, this will tend in the future to depopulate, up to generate a major crisis in the sale of Battle Royale, as has happened to H1Z1.

"I tell you, they have to be careful. They're dragging their feet too much at this point and there are still a lot of glitches in the game that need to be fixed. They need to be careful because they're going down the road of H1Z1" - these are the words of the streamer reported by

Do you feel the same way Ninja does?"