Nubia Red Magic Mars, the most powerful Android smartphone is Chinese

The Nubia Red Magic Mars leads the AnTuTu ranking of the most powerful Android smartphones. It has 10GB of RAM and is designed specifically for gaming

The most powerful Android smartphone of 2018 is the Nubia Red Magic Mars. To decree it is the December ranking of AnTuTu, the famous benchmark platform where all phones are tested to see their performance. The Chinese smartphone manages to remove the first place to the Mate 20 Pro, which had won the first place since the day of release.

The results obtained by the Nubia Red Magic Mars testify to the excellent work done by the Chinese company. In fact, it is the only smartphone with the Snapdragon 845 processor on board to occupy one of the first six places in the ranking: from the second to the sixth position we find only smartphones produced by Hauwei or Honor with Kirin 980 on board (Huawei Mate 20, Honor View 20, Huawei Mate 20 X, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Huawei Magic 2). Unfortunately, the Nubia Red Magic Mars is not available for Italian users: for the moment, the Chinese company has marketed it only in Asia and it's unlikely we'll see it arrive in Europe.

The Nubia Red Magic Mars features

How did the Nubia Red Magic Mars rank first among the fastest Android smartphones of 2018? Thanks to a unique spec sheet. As already mentioned, on board the Nubia Red Magic Mars we find the Snapdragon 845, supported by 10GB of RAM (two other versions with 8GB and 6GB of RAM are also available) and 256GB of internal storage. To "keep at bay" the power of the smartphone, Nubia has developed a dissipation system with double heat pipe and convection cooling called ICE (ice in English). The screen is 6 inches with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and FullHD+ resolution. The photographic compartment is not the highlight of the device: in the back we find a single 16 Megapixel sensor. 3800mAh battery.

If you haven't figured it out yet, the Nubia Red Magic Mars is a smartphone dedicated to video game lovers (the device is defined gaming phone). This is demonstrated by the presence of Mars Triggers, two sensitive areas of the screen that can be used as triggers in action games and online shooters, and the very unique design characterized by a band of RGB LEDs on the back and fully customizable.

The most powerful Android smartphones of 2018 according to AnTuTu

The Nubia Red Magic Mars leads the ranking of the most powerful smartphones of 2018 with a score of 320,000 (new record of the platform). in second position the Mate 20 with 309,000 points, followed by the Honor View 20 (305,000 points) and the Mate 20 X (304,000 points). Fifth and sixth position occupied again by smartphones with the Kirin 980: Mate 20 Pro (302,000 points) and Honor Magic 2 (301,000 points). From the seventh position return smartphones with the Snapdragon 845: seventh place for the Black Shark Helo (gaming phone of Xiaomi not marketed in Italy) with 300,000 points, eighth place for the OnePlus 6T with 296.000 points, ninth and tenth position for Black Shark  and Nubia X both with 294,000 points.

The Nubia Red Magic Shark, however, will soon be ousted from the first position by the new devices coming out with the Snapdragon 855 that promises to be a very powerful processor.