Online company: how to manage social effectively

Managing the social media of your company has become a necessity over the years: here is a brief guide to manage them effectively

The presence of a company on the main social networks until a few years ago was an option, today it is a necessity. When a web user learns about a company that he doesn't know, in fact, the first thing he does is go and look for it on Facebook, Instagram, or look directly for the My Business tab on Google. And he expects to find it.

If yesterday "being on social" was an extra advantage, today not being there is a problem and a damage for the company. Especially in terms of image: if the user is used to finding companies on at least one of the main social networks, he certainly doesn't have a good opinion of a company that doesn't use any social networks. But this is just the beginning: it's not enough to be there, you have to do it effectively to make the most of your social investment (of time and money) and to make it pay off both from the point of view of image and sales. How to do it? Either you do it yourself, or you rely on a professional, a Social Media Manager.

Social Media Management: do it yourself or professional?

Both choices have pros and cons. Managing our presence on social networks by ourselves can save us money, but it can also make us waste it if we enter the difficult world of advertising without having a solid technical basis, or without having the slightest idea of what content to publish, with what formats and according to what strategy.

There is also the time factor, which with DIY we will have to invest in creating the posts to be published by ourselves if we don't have a Social Media Manager do it. On the other hand, by doing everything ourselves we will have maximum control, but once again it is not guaranteed that we will get the best possible result.

It should also be said, however, that it is not enough to rely on a Social Media Manager to sleep soundly on Facebook, Instagram or Google My Business: the market is unfortunately full of braggarts who have no real skills and who, paradoxically, can cause more damage than gain to a company.

Social network management: why choose Italiaonline

The sum of all these needs has given rise to the social network management service offered by Italiaonline. It is a "multisocial" platform, focused on the three most important and performing platforms (if properly exploited): Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

From a single control panel it is possible to manage the presence of your company on these three social networks and take advantage of the advice of a Social Media Manager, useful to set the strategy to be implemented on each of them. The writing of the contents to be published, then, can be entrusted to a specialized copywriter (another fundamental figure).

To "push" the published contents and spread them to a selected audience, finally, a post sponsorship service is available according to the advertising rules of each platform. All this in an extremely personalized way, because not all companies need an identical presence on social networks. Both from a quantitative (number of posts) and qualitative point of view (type of post, presence of professional images or videos).