ONUSBlue, the smart patch that indicates the level of alcohol in the blood

A U.S. startup is seeking funding on the IndieGoGo platform for ONUSBlue, a smart patch to combat alcohol and drug excess

Alcohol abuse among young people is one of the most difficult problems to combat. Traffic accidents, alcoholic comas, more and more kids are using alcohol and drugs as young as twelve to thirteen years old. A U.S. startup has created a smart patch that colors itself according to the level of alcohol in the blood

The idea is similar to the patch to stop smoking, but the goal is completely different: to fight the excesses of drugs and alcohol. The US startup, led by young Anh-Dung Le, is seeking funding on the IndieGoGo platform in order to start with a massive production of the smart patch. The goal is to reach $50,000 and then begin shipping the device. ONUSBlue can be used by any person at any time: either by young people while they are drinking at the pub, or by the police to know the level of alcohol in the blood.

How does ONUSBlue work

(Taken from YouTube)

The operation of ONUSBlue is very simple: the patch integrates sensors that can calculate the level of alcohol of the person and depending on how much he drank the device turns blue. The higher the alcohol level, the more intense the color will be. The patch aims to make young people responsible: when the device starts to turn blue they should stop drinking, especially if they have to drive a car. Each patch costs three dollars (a little more than two euros) and can be purchased directly on IndieGoGo.

The startup is also pursuing its work to be able to create a patch that can immediately identify people who have used drugs.