PES 2019, when will it come out and what will it look like

Konami has announced the release date of PES 2019 for PX, Xbox and PS4, also showing some of the main new features for one of the most anticipated soccer video games

Football video game fans should mark the date of August 30, 2018 on their calendars. It is, in fact, the day chosen by Konami for the launch of the long-awaited PES 2019. The cover of the game this year will be Philippe Coutinho but there will also be a special version that will pay homage to David Beckham.

The news announced for the three versions, Standard, Legend and David Beckham are many. And for the joy of gamers in the 2019 edition Konami has bought many more licenses of teams and players than in the recent past. The real pride of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 remains, however, the graphics and the movements of the players on the field. Very realistic and finely reproduced. In addition, thanks to the Magic Moments feature you can test and create your own skill moves on the playing field. In short, if after the "rabona", the "aurelio" or the "ruleta" you want to put your own personal copyright on a dribble, PES 2019 is made for you.

New features in PES 2019

Tackling in Pro Evolution Soccer has never been so difficult. Konami has in fact introduced a new feature, called Visible Fatigue. It is an indicator of the residual energy of a player. The lower the energy, the less performing the player's speed will be. As it happens in real life, sprinting at 100 km/h in the 90th minute will not be so easy because of the accumulated fatigue. Watch out for shots, especially those from outside the box, because the trajectory mechanics have been renewed and will be influenced by a new engine that simulates the physics of the ball, and will undergo changes based on the position of the ball and the angle at which the player shoots. Those who score a goal in PES 2019, however, will have a greater number of cheers available, and even the mimics of the fans' curves have been updated to make them as real as possible.

Graphics in 4K HDR on PES 2019

As mentioned, graphics will be one of the key points of this new version of Pro Evolution Soccer. This is thanks to the new software "Enlighten" that will allow an incredible 4K HDR graphics. In addition, depending on the time of the matches, the lights and shades of color on the playing fields and stands will change. The lighting will also change between the first and second half in daytime matches to simulate the change of sunlight as it happens in reality. All this will be possible thanks to the new lighting system Global Illumination. Finally on PES 2019 you'll be able to return to play under the snow. Option that was missing in PES 2018.

New features in MyClub

In PES 2019 the mode myClub changes again. The feature to build your own team using real coaches and players. In PES 2019 this mode will be improved in several aspects, especially thanks to a new reproduction of the players' cards that will change the way teams are composed. Fans of myClub will be able to find different categories of players, including both Legends and Players of the Week. The former are the great icons of the past while the latter will have changing statistics based on the performance obtained in the real matches just played.

PES 2019, availability and prices in Italy

As mentioned, PES 2019 will be released next August 30 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Prices depend on the different version that we will decide to buy. PES 2019 Standard will cost 59.99 euros and will include the loan of Philippe Coutinho and David Beckham in the MyClub mode. The David Beckham Edition instead will cost 69.99 euros has all the features of the standard version but in addition we can have the English talent in MyClub outright. The Legend Edition of PES 2019 will instead cost 79.99 euros and we will have the opportunity to have a soccer legend, including Maradona, Nedved, Maldini and Gullit, on a permanent basis in MyClub.

Numerous news also for those who book the game in digital format. By booking the game in digital format on both PC and Xbox One we will get the loan of Romario as well as 1,000 MyClub credits. On PS4, in addition to the bonuses just mentioned, by booking the video game on PlayStation Store we will get a PES 2019 theme to customize our console.