Sony, coming soon the transparent smartphone

The Japanese company has filed a patent for a phone with a screen that can become transparent if necessary and is also foldable, here's how it works

According to Huawei and Samsung, the future of smartphones will be foldable, but the latest patent filed by Sony tells us about a project for a phone even more revolutionary: the transparent smartphone. Here's how it will be.

The patent of the transparent Sony smartphone shows us a device with a screen that at first glance looks like a normal display of any phone but if necessary can become transparent and let us see through. The technology used should be a double OLED panel that, depending on the use and the choices made by the user, can become completely transparent or go back to a classic high-resolution display. These double-layer OLED panels, according to what the Japanese company reports in the patent, can not only become "invisible" but also bend and roll up. Aspect that makes us think that the next smartphone with transparent screen from Sony will also be a foldable phone.

What is the purpose of the transparent Sony smartphone

To be honest, the realization of a "transparent" screen is not so impossible for the technologies in use at the moment. If we think about Huawei Mate 20 Pro or OnePlus 6T we will notice that both in the part of the screen dedicated to unlocking with fingerprints is slightly transparent to allow the correct reading of fingerprints.

What could we use a transparent smartphone for? To use augmented reality in an even more immersive way, for example. In this way we won't need augmented reality viewers or "additional" devices: it will be enough to set the right mode of use in the smartphone so that we can display "augmented" information about the environment that surrounds us directly on the screen of the device. But it could also be a simple safety function to use the device while walking, always paying attention to where we put our feet.