Sony working on a portable console similar to the Nintendo Switch

The Japanese company would be working on a new version of the PS Vita. The goal is to challenge the Nintendo Switch on the same terrain

After the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony would be thinking of updating its portable console as well. The PS Vita, launched in 2011, hasn't had the same success as the PSP (PlayStation Portatble) and the Japanese company seems intent on reviving the project.

The launch of Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console that can be used both on the move and at home by connecting it to the TV, has convinced Sony to relaunch the project of a portable console. The real difficulty is being able to convince users that a console is better than a smartphone: one of the reasons for the collapse of sales of the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS is linked to video games developed for smart phones, which have slowly eroded the market share of handheld consoles. The Japanese company, however, is convinced to complete its project and in recent days has received approval for a patent that shows how the new device could be made.

The new Sony handheld console

The latest rumors are able to guess the future moves of Sony. The Japanese company wants to respond to the launch of Nintendo Switch by proposing a new portable console to replace the PS Vita, device that in five years has failed to meet expectations, especially with regard to the number of devices sold. From the images in the patent you can see how the new portable console will be made: the ergonomic shape of the device is designed specifically for use outside the home or while traveling. At the moment it is only a patent and it is not certain that Sony will decide to follow it.