Spotify launches 3 new features for sharing music and podcasts

Spotify continues to show itself open to external platforms: coming up with new features to share music and podcasts more easily.

Music and podcast sharing takes a step forward on Spotify. In the latest update released for Android and iOS, the Swedish-born platform has introduced three new useful features completely dedicated to sharing on the main social networks, making operations more intuitive in a few simple taps.

As explained in a post published on the platform's official blog, Spotify's latest update aims to optimize the interface according to a data of primary importance: according to a survey conducted among its users, about 40% of music discoveries made are the result of sharing on social channels. All the more reason, therefore, to improve this aspect - and, consequently, the entire user experience - on the official application, simplifying the operation and enriching it with features that make it immediate to listen to songs or podcasts once you tap on the shared link.

Spotify, what changes with podcasts

One of the new features introduced by Spotify concerns the sharing of podcasts. Now it's possible, similar to what already happens on other platforms like YouTube, to keep track of the exact moment from which to start playing once you've sent a specific episode to your friends or contacts.

To do so, simply use the "Share" button while listening (or pausing at a precise moment) and, on the next screen, activate the "Share from" toggle before selecting the share tool. Who will receive the link, all you have to do is tap and start the audio that will start right from the selected point.

Spotify, Canvas is on Snapchat

After debuting on Instagram stories, Spotify's Canvas feature arrives on Snapchat. To publish it, all you have to do is tap on the menu identifiable by the icon formed by three dots in the upper right corner while playing the song concerned, select "Share" and choose the target platform. For those who still don't know what they are, Canvas are those short looped movies that appear on the screen while you listen to some particular songs.

Also regarding these clips, Spotify has thought of another solution. In fact, in addition to what is anticipated, a preview of what you are about to post is also made available, both on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. In this way you can always know in advance what the final effect will be, in addition to being able to obviously add other elements such as text, stickers and other offered by the social on which the post will be published.

At this, then, you add a new view of the applications on which you are allowed to share the elements. With a grid pattern, in which only the apps already installed on the device are included, it becomes easier to locate the icon and name of the app you're searching for.