Strajob, the app that fights undeclared work

Strajob is about a simple geolocation service: at the end of the day you receive a detailed report on the actual hours you spend at work

All you need is a smartphone to fight undeclared work. We are talking about the app Strajob. It is a simple service that monitors all the hours we spend at work. Even the CISL will adopt this technology to protect the rights of Italian workers.

A phenomenon that of undeclared work that is a real social problem in our country. In 2016, for example, the Cisl had to manage more than 7,500 cases for irregular contracts. The tendency is often to pay the worker less in the paycheck and then give him the remaining compensation in black. In this way, however, overtime is often not paid because it is not reported. And at the same time, many companies use vouchers in a reckless and illegal manner. In most of the lawsuits handled in the last year by CISL, the main protagonists were Italian workers under 35 years of age.

How Strajob works

During such a lawsuit, it is essential for the worker to be able to prove the actual hours worked. To the detriment of what the company owner says. For this reason, an application that monitors working hours is essential. It is a kind of digital time card. Wondering how it works? It's very simple. Strajob through location tracking certifies that the employee is in the company or not. And when they are inside the company's space, the app monitors the hours they spend on site. Recording the perimeter is easy. Once you've downloaded the app all you have to do is enter the address of our company and mark the physical perimeter of the company by drawing a circle with your finger. The feature is designed for workers who move and therefore do not remain fixed in the same building. At the end of the day we will receive a report on the total hours worked. All data is stored in a server and protected by encryption. In the phone the data remains active for two weeks, if we need a full report for months or a year we will have to ask for a copy from the app developers, Lex&Bit, for a fee.