Surprisingly, here are the Nike PlayStation 5 sneakers signed by the Nba star

Nike launches a new pair of sneakers with the PS5 symbol signed by NBA star Paul George: how are the Nike PlayStation 5

What are the casual sports brand Nike and Paul George, basketball player of the main American league, doing together? A pair of sneakers, of course. It's not the usual sneakers, however, but the Nike PlayStation 5 model, signed by the Nba star himself, which will soon arrive in stores.

The one between the world-renowned sports brand and the Los Angeles Clippers guard is not a completely new partnership but, in fact, a collaboration started a few years ago. In fact, already in 2018 the partnership between Nike and George had produced the PG2.5, a custom model of sneakers completely dedicated to the PS Classic, with colors and lights to replicate those of the original model of the game console. For the last generation console, there are two versions that will be produced by the U.S. brand in a very limited number of copies and sold in selected stores of the brand.

Nike PlayStation 5, the two models

The new sneakers from Nike will be available in two models with a similar design but different colors. In fact, to characterize the versions will be white and blue: the first will symbolize the interface while the second, present both on the upper and on the sole, will represent the background of the menu of the Sony console.

Both variants will arrive with the symbol of PS5 on the tongue, in the back and imprinted on the insole. Accompanying the sneakers is a silicone label bearing the PlayStation5 logo and the player's logo. As anticipated, the Nike PlayStation 5 signed by Paul George will be sold from May 2021 in some of the stores of the brand and on the online shop of The selling price is $110 for each of the two pairs available.

Nike PlayStation 5, the illustrious precedents

It goes without saying that designs born from collaborations like the one between Nike and Paul George, plus produced in such small quantities, are destined to become cult objects in a very short time. The value of sneakers such as Nike PlayStation 5 is destined to grow over time: that's why there are more and more people, even very young, willing to spend staggering amounts of money to grab one of the specimens.

Just think of the Nike Air Jordan 1 High, dedicated to rapper Travis Scott, or the collaboration between Nike and the luxury brand Off-White, Air Jordan 1 x Off-White. Both models have been put on sale in limited editions, with prices between 190 and 240 dollars, which can now be worth as much as 6000 dollars.

Is sneaker mania?

And then there are those cases that trigger general hysteria, such as that of the sneakers produced by the supermarket chain Lidl. Sold in stores at the price of 12.99 euros, they have become in a few moments - and it is the case to say it, given the lines in front of the stores - trade goods for collectors, completely sold-out, coming to touch staggering prices: even 1000 euros, on sales sites and auctions like eBay.