Tariff remodulations: what changes for TIM

TIM is proceeding to the remodulation of tariffs for ADSL and fiber: in the operator's crosshairs are the paper invoices, which must disappear

TIM remodulates fixed telephony tariffs: starting from December 1, 2020, the economic conditions for customers with ADSL and fiber will change. To be included in the new increases are all contracts that had not been included in the last round of communications, which occurred through the sending of the invoice of August 2020.

For the telephone operator is the second major wave of contractual changes, arrived only a few months after the communication of August, followed by the entry into force of the new rates last October 1. To be involved in the previous change were not only the basic offerings, with an increase in pricing compared to the original, but also some of the additional services, options dedicated to calls to foreign countries, the rental of telephone equipment and modems and the costs of management and sending the paper bill.

Rimodulation rates TIM: what changes

To alert the customers of TIM of the new contractual changes was the bill sent in October 2020. With the notice, the operator has notified the upcoming changes that will affect from December 1, 2020 the amount related to ADSL and fiber and, as already happened in the previous round, the production and sending of the paper bill.

The increase in the cost of the bill is, as specified in full by TIM, only related to the printed version and does not affect the dematerialized version, or digital, which will remain free. In order to view and manage it, customers will be able to access the free service "Online Account". Activation of this service can be done, at no cost, by calling the customer service number 187 or by visiting the MyTIM website or through the operator's app, MyTIM.

The increase, a surcharge of 50 eurocents (including VAT) per bill, is according to what TIM said an incentive to use digital payment tools. The same goes for environmental protection: fewer paper invoices sent, less paper wasted and as many trees saved.

Rimodulation of TIM rates: from copper to fiber

In the same communication, TIM has anticipated to its customers what will be the next innovation related to the fixed network of which it is the owner.

In the same communication, TIM has anticipated to its customers what will be the next innovation related to the fixed network of which it is the owner. In the plan, in fact, it is foreseen the gradual substitution of the copper network with the fiber optic one, that is of new generation.

With the integration of the article 3 of the "General Conditions of Contract ADSL Offer" and "General Conditions of Contract Fiber Offer", the operator indicates that TIM will take charge of the expenses for the realization of the intervention and that the customer will be informed about the modalities of adaptation, with a notice of at least 30 days on the date of the relative intervention.

In any case, the customer will be able to exercise the right of withdrawal, without incurring penalties or costs related to the deactivation of the service. The date by which it is necessary to send notice is November 30, 2020, by registered mail, PEC, by calling the customer service 187, going to a TIM store or from the customer area of the site and app MyTIM.