Wind remodulations, increases are triggered for some offers: what are they

Remodulations are triggered for WindTre's consumer offers: 4 euros more per month from September 23, 2020. Here's what's changing

With an official note on its website, WindTre has announced the arrival of new remodulations for some consumer offers that will take effect from September 23, 2020. All offers with pay-as-you-go will cost a basic four euros per month, even if the user does not decide to make any calls. As explained in the note, WindTre has decided to remodel the cost of these very special offers "with the aim of guaranteeing investments and continuing to ensure a quality service".

Consumer offers are now part of a past generation and have been replaced in most cases by monthly subscription tariffs that offer unlimited minutes, SMS and a predefined amount of gigs to surf the network. WindTre's remodulation, therefore, is not expected to affect a very large number of people, but only a few users who still have an active consumer tariff and who can take advantage of the situation to activate a monthly subscription offer. The four euros that users will pay per month for pay-as-you-go tariffs can be used for calls, SMS, MMS and gigs for the Internet.

WindTre, what the new remodulation of September 23

All WindTre customers who have a pay-as-you-go tariff, from September 23 will have to pay a fixed cost of 4 euros per month. This is what the remodulation made official by the operator through a note on its website. The costs for calls, SMS and internet remain more or less similar: for calls to all national numbers is 29 cents per minute with no connection charge and charged by the second, SMS will cost 29 cents and MMS 50 cents.

As for the internet the price is 99 cents for 1 gig of traffic per day, but only if you access the Web.

I quattro euro di costo fisso al mese per le offerte a consumo possono essere utilizzati per chiamate, SMS e Internet.

Wind, come recedere dall’offerta

Come previsto per tutte le rimodulazioni, gli utenti hanno tempo fino a 30 giorni dalla ricezione dell’SMS che li avvisa dell’aumento dell’offerta per recedere dal contratto. I metodi da poter utilizzare sono più di uno:

  • raccomandata A/R al seguente indirizzo: Wind Tre S.p.A. CD MILANO RECAPITO BAGGIO Casella Postale 159 20152 MILANO MI;
  • via PEC scrivendo un’email all’indirizzo [email protected];
  • chiamando il Servizio Clienti al numero 159;
  • chiedendo aiuto all’assistente digitale “Will" nell’Area Clienti e nell’app WindTre;
  • presso un punto vendita WindTre.