The automatic checkout that bags your groceries? Coming soon from Panasonic

The technology created by the Japanese company calculates the amount of goods chosen and places the products in the bags without human intervention

New day, new idea. And once again it is the way we do our shopping to end up in the spotlight. Thanks to the invention of Panasonic. The Japanese company has, in fact, developed an intelligent system that will allow to bag and count the receipt automatically.

This new technology will allow customers to save time and even a little effort. In fact, there will no longer be any need to wait in line at the checkout or worry about filling bags with purchased products. Panasonic's robotic device will do it all by itself. Customers will only have to worry about choosing the products to buy and pay. So after Amazon, comes the new idea of Panasonic. Bezos' platform, in fact, is experimenting with a new shopping experience where customers enter the grocery store, pick up the products and leave without going through the checkout.

How Panasonic's automated bagging system works

The operation is very simple. First, customers must choose and place the products they want to purchase inside a special basket. Then the container must be placed inside a machine that, thanks to some sensors, will calculate the amount of goods and bag the foodstuffs. The system, in fact, will scan the tags that accompany each product. The customer will only have to pay. All in a matter of seconds.

(taken from YouTube)

Goodbye to the traditional automatic cashiers?

The new technology, besides speeding up the shopping solves some of the problems that every day afflict the shoppers of half world. There are, in fact, already automatic cashiers but sometimes they put a strain on the patience of customers. In some cases the scanner doesn't work, so it's necessary to ask the staff for help. Then it's necessary to bag the products. In the end, compared to traditional checkouts, the time saved is minuscule. Panasonic has begun testing the system in Japan, in a convenience store (one of those little stores that are always open and where you can find almost anything) near Osaka. And soon the smart checkouts could be launched also in big supermarkets.

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