The next Apple Watch will help diabetics

The US company's CEO Tim Cook himself is testing a particular glucometer on his personal Apple Watch. Will we see it on the next smartwatch?

Apple is close to creating a smart system to monitor its users' blood sugar levels, simply by leveraging a feature for Apple Watch, aka Cupertino's smartwatches. This is not the first time a company has attempted this feat but Apple now seems to have succeeded.

To be able to monitor blood sugar and help diabetics, Apple has been working closely with a team of biomedical experts, who have been included in the design for Apple Watch. An internal Cupertino employee said that Tim Cook, CEO of the US company, himself is testing the glucometer inside his personal Apple Watch. This suggests how much Apple cares about this project and how important it considers it to implement this feature in its range of smartwatches. And it must be said, in fact, that for diabetic users, but not only, it would be a major breakthrough.

Apple Glucometer

It must be said, however, that at the moment there are no certainties about the actual release of the glucometer signed Apple. Still the company has not released any information about it. To raise hopes are the various similar attempts made by Cupertino in past years. From the first information, it is understood that Apple is only testing the sensor to monitor the blood glucose level on the Apple Watch. It is possible that in the future this function will be implemented on other devices of the house equipped with special sensors and maybe usable through the application. In this way it would be very easy to monitor our glucose levels over time. In addition, according to several rumors if used on smartphones this service would be able, using the camera, to inform the user on the impact of certain foods and beverages on glucose levels. According to the site Pocketnow, Tim Cook would also have already shown the system in public, during a conference at the University of Glasgow. Obviously, on that occasion, no one was aware of the service present on the smart watch. But again, these are suppositions and there are no official answers from Cupertino.