The ranking of the top creators on Instagram: the Ferragnez are not in the lead

The most influential creator on Instagram is not Chiara Ferragni, nor Fedez: influence is weighed with interactions

Instagram is the social of influencers, but influence must be measured and, above all, weighed. Not all hearts are equal, not all comments have the same weight, not all influencers are really as influential as they might seem. The National Influencer Marketing Observatory (ONIM) did the math and found that Chiara Ferragni and Fedez are not the two most influential creators on Instagram.

In fact, by analyzing the average interactions generated by the posts of the people with the most followers on Instagram, ONIM established some parameters that count the most and others that count the least. Among the selection criteria was the requirement to have no less than 30% of Italian followers and be Italian-speaking, as well as being focused (from the point of view of marketing and sponsored posts) on the Italian market. In light of these parameters, the most influential creator on Instagram Italy is actor and singer Michele Morrone who, despite having fewer followers than the Ferragnez, shines above all for interactions with his fanbase. Here are the top 5 Italian creators on Instagram.

1) Michele Morrone (@immichelemorrone)

With over 1.5 million average monthly interactions Michele Morrone is first for influence on Instagram, despite having "only" 11.3 million followers and with just 523 posts in total. The actor and singer gets these numbers by posting mainly posed photos, very often shirtless with the inevitable abs and pecs in sight.

2) Fedez (@fedez)

With the second position in the ranking of Fedez is confirmed that on Instagram not only the number of followers counts: the singer with 11.3 million followers bypasses his wife Chiara Ferragni who has twice as many fans: 22 million. Fedez, however, has more average interactions per month: 775,000, practically half of Morrone.

3) Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

Although she has long been the highest paid influencer on Instagram in Italy, Ferragni is no longer the most influential creator. Her posts get an average of 606,000 interactions per month, a sign that the author of The Blonde Salad has now pulled back a bit, perhaps to enjoy her family. What the ONIM ranking does not tell, however, is the economic profitability of Chiara Ferragni's single post. A parameter for which, most likely, the influencer is still at the top.

4) Elettra Lamborghini (@elettramiuralamborghini)

The fourth place of the ONIM ranking on the top influencers of Instagram is occupied by Elettra Lamborghini. The Italian singer and model has 6.5 million followers, but gets almost the same average monthly interactions as Ferragni: 546,000. By the way, it must be said that Lamborghini Instagram uses it very little: since she opened the profile in May 2016 to date she has published just 298 posts.

5) Sferaebbasta (@sferaebbasta)

In fifth place in the ONIM ranking we find the Instagram profile of Sferaebbasta, with his 3.4 million followers. First post at the dawn of Instagram Italy, in 2012, then three years of silence and from 2015 onwards just 356 posts in total. Anche in questo caso pubblicare poco premia l’influencer, che ha 420 mila interazioni al mese.

Classifica ONIM dei creator Instagram Italia

Di seguito la classifica dei primi 15 creator italiani su Instagram, con la fan base totale e i like medi per post.

  • Michele Morrone – 11 milioni – 1,5 milioni
  • Fedez – 11 milioni – 775 mila
  • Chiara Ferragni – 22 milioni – 606 mila
  • Elettra Lamborghini – 6,5 milioni – 546 mila
  • Sferaebbasta – 3,4 milioni – 420 mila
  • Diletta Leotta – 7,2 milioni – 403 mila
  • Andrea Pirlo – 8,2 milioni – 347 mila
  • Francesco Totti – 3,9 milioni – 364 mila
  • Ultimo – 2,9 milioni – 356 mila
  • Alice Pagani – 2,1 milioni – 349 mila
  • SHIVA – 927 mila – 319 mila
  • Luis Sal – 2,2 milioni – 291 mila
  • Damiano Er Faina – 1,1 milioni – 288 mila
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo – 1 milione – 267 mila
  • Tha supreme – 1,2 milioni – 267 mila