There’s an Apple Watch clone that costs as much as a car but has only one app

A luxury "clone" of the Apple Watch: Swiss watchmaker launches its Swiss Alp Watch, with only one function and costs as much as a car

Some people think the Apple Watch Series 6 is expensive, perhaps because they haven't seen its luxury clone yet. Swiss watchmaker H. Moser & Cie has launched a watch with a design similar to that of the Apple called the Swiss Alp Watch, which costs as much as a car and has only one function: to mark time.

Smartwatches have now become part of everyday life and are widely used as virtual assistants. Physical activity tracking, sleep monitoring, built-in GPS, and the ability to answer calls and messages with just a click on your wrist. The functions of a smartwatch like Apple Watch are many, but there are those who still prefer a "classic" watch. Among the top of the range of mechanical watches, but with a modern design, there is the Swiss Alp Watch that is manual winding, has a range of 96 hours and costs much more: over $ 30800, about 25700 euros at current exchange rates.

Swiss Alp Watch: the features

The Swiss Alp Watch Final Upgrade is a fully mechanical watch with caliber HMC 324 manual winding and a range of 96 hours. The case is made of DLC-treated stainless steel and the dial is coated in Vantablack, a dark material that absorbs up to 99.6% of visible light.

What's striking is the design, which recalls that of the hi-tech version of the Apple Watch, with a rectangular dial with curved edges and a crown on the side. Watchmaker H. Moser & Cie has also incorporated into the elegant dark dial a seconds display that mimics the charging symbol of Apple's watchOS, but is completely mechanical: it uses a series of apertures with the seconds disc painted in a light shade, which rotates to reproduce the desired effect.

Swiss Alp Watch vs Apple Watch: irony and price comparison

H. Moser & Cie ironizes on smartwatches with its new model and it does it also with the commercial, which marks the difference between hi-tech devices and the luxurious watch: "No updates required, no bad battery life, no useless features, no annoying notifications, just the only reminder you really need: disconnect from all the noise and love every single moment".

The Swiss watchmaker then stated that only 50 pieces of this exclusive Swiss Alp Watch will be produced and the price will be $30800, over 25700 euros. Decisamente più costoso del rivale Apple Watch, che dispone di ben più funzioni di quelle del suo clone di lusso e a un prezzo apparentemente più contenuto.

Apple Watch 6 e SE: le caratteristiche e il prezzo

L’Apple Watch Serie 6 infatti è dotato di cassa in alluminio, GPS integrato, monitoraggio della saturazione di ossigeno nel sangue e del ritmo cardiaco, oltre che di un display Retina always-on. Per chi invece cerca un modello ancora più economico, senza rinunciare a un prodotto Apple, c’è la versione Apple Watch SE sempre con GPS integrato, possibilità di rispondere a chiamati e messaggi, monitoraggio del ritmo cardiaco e delle attività sportive e un display Retina OLED.

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