Today comes out Emily in Paris 2: here’s how to get ready

Emily Cooper's adventures in the French capital are back: the second season of the TV series comes out today on Netflix and promises many interesting new features compared to the first chapter

Emily Cooper returns to dream (and make us dream) in the streets of Paris. Released today, Wednesday, December 22 on Netflix the second season of Emily in Paris, signed by Darren Star, already winner of two Emmy Awards for Sex and the City. The first season, released in October 2020, was the most viewed comedy TV series on the streaming platform.

The TV debut of the TV series, whose protagonist, Emily, is played by Lily Collins, actually didn't please everyone: many had criticized the presence of stereotypes about French and Americans and the numerous clich├ęs in the plot. In a recent interview with Elle UK, however, Collins said that she found the criticism constructive and that, as a result of it, the second season was developed differently, with more focus on inclusion and diversity. Impeccable outfits and passionate love stories, on the other hand, will continue to be key ingredients in the sequel.

The Plot: Where Were We

In season one, Emily Cooper, a 20-year-old American, moves to Paris for an unexpected professional opportunity. Eager to advance her career, she struggles with the inevitable difficulties at work and the differences between French and North American cultures.

In Emily's Parisian life, there is no shortage of love, of course. At the end of the first season, in fact, we left her in the middle of a love triangle with her friend Camille and her boyfriend Gabriel.

What's Emily in Paris 2 about

The resolution of the uncomfortable situation with Gabriel and Camille is at the center of the second season of the TV series, in the course of which we will see Emily asking herself several times what is the right thing to do: how to handle the relationship with Gabriel? And how to tell the truth to Camille?

In addition to matters of the heart, a theme on which we should expect some news, in the new episodes work continues to be a central element in the life of the protagonist, but she approaches it in a more humble and mature way than in the past. Some episodes of the second season are set in Saint Tropez, a fashionable resort on the French Riviera, where Emily and her friends Mindy and Camille spend a vacation.

The looks will not leave fans disappointed: in this second season Emily's will be much more fashionable, but always eclectic and colorful. The fashion identity of each character has been more defined and made particular and recognizable.

At what time Emily in Paris 2 comes out

Emily in Paris 2 is available in Italy on Netflix from 9 am on December 22. The ten episodes can then be viewed at any time.