Xiaomi Mi Band 5, first images and official price: how much does it cost

The Mi Band 5 could arrive on the market at a really low price: just over twenty-five euros. Also present a sensor for measuring oxygen

Not a day goes by without a rumor about the Mi Band 5, the new smart band from Xiaomi that should make its debut in the coming months. It was rumored in recent weeks that the debut would be postponed to September-October because of the coronavirus, but in recent hours have appeared real images of the device on Weibo (social network widely used in China) that suggest an imminent arrival of the Mi Band 5.

The images also serve to confirm what was already known and leaked in previous weeks: the design of the activity tracker will remain the same, but the screen size will be larger, reaching up to 1.2 inches. A larger, full-color display will allow users to have even more information at their fingertips and know their health level and how their workout is going at all times. Interesting news also regarding the price: in China should be launched at about 199 yuan, just over 25 euros at current exchange rates.

How will the Mi Band 5

There are many rumors that have come out in recent weeks about the Mi Band 5. By now we know most of the features of the smart bracelet Xiaomi: the color screen will cover almost the entire front surface and there will be many functions to monitor your workout and health status, such as the sensor to measure blood saturation. Those who hoped to use the Mi Band 5 to make digital payments will be disappointed: NFC will not be integrated in the European version of the device, but only in the Chinese one.

There are also rumors of Alexa voice assistant support to manage smart devices in the house from your wrist. If this is really the case, it would be a big step forward for the Mi Band 5.

Price and release date of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Last year, the Mi Band 4 was unveiled in June and in Xiaomi's initial plans, the Mi Band 5 was also supposed to debut in the same month. But the outbreak of the global pandemic seems to have changed the plans of the Chinese company: the arrival of the activity tracker could take place between September and October, although the many rumors released in recent weeks suggest an imminent launch.

Indiscretions that also assume the launch price of the Mi Band 5, set at about 199 yuan, 25 euros at current exchange rates. When it arrives in Italy we must add the price of taxes and probably the cost will be around 40 euros. A price all things considered acceptable for an activity tracker with features from (almost) top of the range.