Two new Google devices coming in April and June: here’s what they are

Google would have already decided the presentation dates of its two most anticipated products of 2021: the new Pixel smartphone and the Pixel Buds headphones update.

How long before we can touch the two next devices signed by Google? Definitely little, since their debut has already been put on the calendar for the coming months of April and June. What's boiling in the pot of Big G? Something particularly expected: a smartphone and new earphones.

But what are, specifically, the devices that will peep in the coming months? These are two interesting debuts: namely Pixel 5a, an affordable version of Pixel 5, and the new Pixel Buds. In particular, to give a certain date to the launch of the new phone of Big G was the famous leaker Jon Prosser that, over time, has built a reputation particularly consistent thanks to the anticipations related to the world of Apple and Google. In particular, the new smartphone would arrive a few months after its predecessor Pixel 4a 5G, launched in Europe only last fall and already ready to be replaced by its revised and corrected version.

Google, Pixel 5a coming in June

According to Prosser's leak, for the new Google smartphone there should already be a well-fixed date on the calendar: it's next June 11, a day that usually comes very close to that of the event dedicated to developers, Google I/O, despite the exception of last year when it was held in August. Although there is still no official confirmation, the accounts than in the past would seem to coincide rather convincingly.

To provide some information on what will be the new Pixel 5a are, as usual, the leaks circulated on the network. According to the well-informed, it would be a model very similar to the previous Pixel 4a 5G, tracing precisely the technology of connectivity to the 5G mobile network. Inside, there should be a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 700 series, with at least 4GB of RAM to handle everything (but, more presumably, it will be 6 or 8GB). The screen, on the other hand, could measure 6.2 inches with an FHD+ resolution.

The price has also already caused a lot of discussion, as there are rumors of an increase over previous models. In fact, both Pixel 3a and 4a were launched at the figure of 349 dollars; so, if a rise of about 50 dollars - or around 399 dollars (335 euros approximately, but usually Google brings its devices in Europe with a euro-dollar exchange rate of 1 to 1) - could be welcomed without batting an eyelid by consumers, more substantial figures could make many turn their noses up and not a little, thus undermining the prospects of sales. Without a confirmation from Google, however, these are only theories that could be easily denied once launched on the market the new model.

Google, Pixel Buds coming in April

To anticipate the arrival of Pixel 5a, should then be the arrival of Pixel Buds, the in-ear Google. The third generation of wireless bluetooth earphones signed by the Mountain View giant should arrive in mid-April, in line with what already happened with the previous version launched on the market only last year.