Virtual assistant and girlfriend. Here’s Gatebox, the all-purpose AI

The Vinclu company has created an artificial intelligence for the home that takes the form of a three-dimensional hologram of a girl that responds in a winking manner

Do you remember Her the 2013 film, Oscar for original screenplay? In that case, a man fell in love with his assistant. Which, however, was not in flesh and blood but an artificial intelligence. Forget the cinema because thanks to the Gatebox of the Japanese company Vinclu all this is now possible.

If the girlfriend is an artificial intelligence. So far, artificial intelligences have taken their first steps in our lives to simplify some everyday tasks. Browser searches for example, or some easy settings like alarm clocks and traffic control. Devices like Amazon Echo and Alexa are starting to make homes smarter with the control of several devices at the same time. Not to mention the entertainment-related side. Now though, according to the Vinclu company's new creation, the personal assistant could also act as our "girlfriend," gratifying our questions with some flattering answers.

How the Gatebox Works

Unlike every other personal assistant for the home now on the market the Gatebox doesn't just have an inanimate voice. Thanks to the use of holograms a small image of a girl is displayed, in clear Japanese anime style. The design was made by Taro Minoboshi and is voiced by Japanese actress Yuka Hiyamizu. In shape, the Gatebox is very reminiscent of a ridiculously large American coffee machine. It is cylindrical and has a size of 20 inches. It features a camera, a stereo speaker, a microphone and several sensors, for temperature, humidity and light. Of course, there are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and it has an infrared system to control lights and appliances.

There are also HDMI and PC inputs to allow the owner to make their own changes and create their own characters.

(video taken from YouTube)

Thought for Japanese culture

In the European market is a product that could find several obstacles and to really understand it you have to identify with Japanese culture. First of all the passion for Anime and technology of the people of the Rising Sun. And the target of the Gatebox is not by chance young lonely businessmen, who will be able to have information about the weather and the cheapest flight to take as well as small samples of ephemeral affection. The hologram behaves just like a girl in love, who is sad when we go to the office, sends us messages at work and wants to know when we'll be home. In addition, if we are late, it turns on the light or heating in anticipation of our return.

Gatebox and learnings

According to the developers, the AI used is able to get to learn several of our habits after a few days spent with the owner. It can interact based on work schedules and commitments, plus it recognizes the face and voice. In addition, thanks to the application for iOS and Android, it will be possible to messaging with the artificial intelligence even at a distance. Gatebox will be on the Asian market starting in January, but pre-orders are already available.

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