Virtual reality lands on Gardaland’s roller coaster

Gardaland promises that the double death roll, the two side spins and the final helix will never be the same again. The new experience is expected next year

Virtual reality will board the famous amusement park's roller coaster starting with the opening of next year's season and promises an adrenaline-pumping experience: the combination of real, thrilling aerial evolutions and an extraordinary immersive adventure in a virtual world.

Gardaland, for the 2017 season, will try to present a new project that will have both roller coasters and virtual reality at its core. The goal is to make the amusement park experience unique in the hopes of offering a totally new immersive experience between hundred-kilometer-per-hour descents and one-of-a-kind laps of death. At the center of the project will be virtual reality that will make users discover the roller coaster experience from a totally different point of view

Virtual Reality at Full Speed

Gardaland's choice follows a trend that in this 2016 has led to the presentation of the first VR visor dedicated to the world of video games and the development of several applications that allow users to watch videos and TV series from another point of view. Thanks to the use of special visors, the user will be immersed in a parallel world all to be discovered. Rollercoaster and virtual reality is just the first step towards a total redefinition of the world of entertainment and playgrounds: in a few years VR visors with their applications will become the undisputed protagonists of entertainment.