WannaSmile, the program that makes you safe from WannaCry

To protect yourself from Wannacry, you just need to install a simple program that immediately blocks the ransomware virus attack

The Wannacry danger seems to be over, at least for the moment. After infecting over 300,000 devices in more than 150 countries around the world (most of them in Russia and China), the hacker attack has been momentarily blocked, thanks in part to the timely intervention of Windows and the work of computer security experts around the world.

The easiest way to stay protected and not end up in the Wannacry trap is to update your operating system and install the MS17-10 security patch made by Microsoft. All quite simple but if you want to be sure that the ransomware attack does not infect your devices you can use another tool: WannaSmile, a small program developed by some computer security experts that protects your computer from WannaCry. The software goes to change some of the computer's settings, actions that are almost impossible for a simple user, but by installing the program will be done automatically.

How WannaSmile works

After installing WannaSmile, the program immediately disables the SMB present within the operating system. SMB stands for Server Message Block and is a protocol used by operating systems to communicate printers, computers and to share files. A flaw in the protocol gave Wannacry the green light to infect over 300,000 computers worldwide. Next, WannaSmile goes on to modify certain files in the operating system so that the ransomware virus does not spread. However, in order to carry out this operation, the computer must be connected to the Internet.

If this operation seems a bit too complicated, you can always download the patch developed directly by Windows that repairs the flaw in the SMB.