What is BuddyMeter, the new platform that young people use

Interested in knowing who your best friend really is? The quiz generated by the BuddyMeter platform about your personality can help you find out

How much do your friends know about you? To find out, all you have to do is use BuddyMeter, the new personal quiz platform that is depopulating on social media, especially among younger people. You know the saying: only best friends know everything about each other? With BuddyMeter you can test who is your best friend.

The BuddyMeter platform is quite intuitive, just connect to the site, select the country of origin, enter a nickname and start generating the quiz on our tastes and our personality, then propose to friends and acquaintances on the Internet. We'll have to create 10 questions about our character (with answers, preferably trick ones) to which our friends will have to try to give the correct answer. Once we share the test with our friends via BuddyMeter we can watch the results in real time and understand which people know us better than anyone else.

BuddyMeter, the quiz to find out who is our best friend

The quiz to find out who is our best friend can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter: in this way we will be able to get in touch with more friends and find out who really knows us and who doesn't.

BuddyMeter is just one of the latest portals in vogue among young and very young to share passions and make new friends online. Think for example of the recent success among teenagers of ThisCrush. A platform where you can make new friends by sending messages to known or unknown users, even anonymously, to write that we like them, that we have the same interests, that we listen to the same music and so on. In short, to find out who your best friend really is, all you have to do is log on to the BuddyMeter site and start sharing the quiz with your contacts.