What is Indiegogo, the crowdfunding site

Indiegogo is a collective funding platform through which to obtain the necessary funds to try to realize a project of any nature

Indiegogo is one of the main crowdfunding sites, that is, collective funding. Its name is mainly linked to innovative projects, looking for funds to be realized. Indiegogo is precisely a platform that helps users find the money they need to develop their ideas.

The platform, founded in 2008 by Danae Ringelmann, Slava Rubin and Eric Schell, in the field of crowdfunding is perhaps second only to Kickstarter, another collective funding site. On Indiegogo you can find numerous projects. And of any nature. Anyone who has an idea and doesn't have the financial resources to turn it into something concrete can turn to the Indiegogo community. It's enough to register on the crowdfunding platform and present your project. You set a figure to be reached within a certain period and you commit yourself in some way with the backers, who, for example, can receive the product in preview at a discounted price.

How Indiegogo works

Indiegogo is used by users all over the world. Currently, the collective funding platform has hosted projects submitted from 223 countries. The various campaigns must set a goal, that is, establish the amount of funds required to realize the project. There are two solutions: the fixed goal and the flexible goal.

In the first case, the authors of the funding campaign receive the money allocated by the backers - supporters - only after reaching the goal and within the established days. If, for example, a startup that tries to reach 10,000 euros in a month gets only 9,000, it will not receive the funds collected.

On the other hand, the flexible goal foresees that the authors of the campaign get the funding from the backers even if the initial goal has not been reached.

And what does Indiegogo gain from it? The platform retains 5% on the funding received from the various campaigns.