Amazon not working today, problems on e-commerce site. Resolved

Amazon's website has been down since 2:30 p.m. on April 23, and the cause is unknown at this time. Here's what's going on

Amazon is down: the e-commerce site and the application are having problems functioning since 2:30 p.m. on April 23, 2020. Those who try to access the e-commerce are greeted by the image of a little dog with OPS written on it. Even from the application you have the same problem: if you try to press on the "Back to Amazon homepage" button, nothing happens.

The problem seems to affect the Amazon Prime Video site as well, with some users reporting the inability to access the service. In a few minutes the reports have become hundreds, a sign that the problem does not only affect a few people, but is widespread. Why is the Amazon website down? For the moment we don't know the causes, but everything points to problems with the architecture of the servers, since the inefficiency also affects the video platform. Amazon technicians are already working to solve the problem and it should be solved soon.

Why Amazon is not working today

The face of a little dog with the words "OPS, there is a problem". This is the message that greets many users who in these minutes are trying to access the Amazon homepage. The e-commerce site has some problems, as evidenced by the more than 3,000 reports sent in a few minutes on the site of, a platform that collects complaints from users when a service does not work.

Reading the comments of users, the problems seem to be different: to some appears the face of the dog with the writing, to others do not load some elements of the pages, while in other cases does not conclude the purchase. In any case, the site does not work very well. The same goes for the smartphone application: the image of the dog also appears here.

The problems, however, do not seem to concern only the e-commerce site, but also Amazon Prime Video, the platform for streaming videos, a sign that the disruption is widespread. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Update 3:45 pm. The problem has been resolved, the site is back to work