What is it and how does it work Amazon Locker

Amazon is constantly looking for effective solutions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, for this reason it has decided to solve the problem of availability at home by introducing the Amazon Locker option. These structures are lockers for the self-service withdrawal of goods bought on e-commerce, installed at the stores that are part of the Amazon Hub network, a free service proposed by the American multinational not to have to worry about being found at home. Here's how Amazon Locker works and everything you need to know about it.

What is Amazon Locker

Amazon Locker is an innovative service launched by the American company, through which you can pick up the goods purchased online on e-commerce at a delivery point other than your home or work address. In particular, these are self-service centers for the collection of parcels, where the ordered items are deposited while waiting for the pick-up by the buyer.

The meaning of the term Locker, in fact, is that of locker, as the goods are stored inside structures similar to cabinets, characterized by an orange color that makes them immediately recognizable and locked by an electronic locking system. In this way, only the person who has the unlock code can access the content, thus guaranteeing a high standard of security to avoid any kind of theft or misappropriation.

This solution reflects a fast-growing phenomenon in 2020, that of the model called click & collect, that is, the process of online purchase and withdrawal at a physical center. According to the Netcomm Consortium, this modality has grown 349% during the lockdown months, quickly becoming an established habit on the part of e-shoppers, representing at the moment one of the most appreciated forms of delivery.

How Amazon Locker works

The operation of Amazon Locker is quite simple, in fact you just have to choose this delivery mode when finalizing your order on the platform, replacing the classic shipment to your address with one at an alternative collection point. Obviously you have to indicate the desired Locker, doing a search to identify the most appropriate pickup location for your needs, and then save it in the preferences of your Amazon account.

Naturally not all items sold on the e-commerce are compatible with this option, so you have to pay attention and verify that the goods are suitable. If this is not the case, Amazon itself will inform us with a special warning message, so in that case you just have to find another Locker, receive the product at home or at work, or cancel the order and cancel the delivery if you can not take advantage of other suitable solutions.

If you can find an Amazon Locker you can confirm the operation and conclude the purchase. At this point all that remains is to pick up the goods, after receiving an email or notification confirming that the package has been deposited in the locker. Inside the message you will also receive a 6-digit code, to be entered during the procedure of redeeming the item through the display of the Locker, or by scanning the barcode provided with the notification.

After unlocking the Locker you just have to open the drawer, pick up the product and close the compartment again. Once you receive the message via email it is important to remember that you have 3 days, so within 72 hours you must go to the point of withdrawal and pick up the goods. Otherwise, if you do not pick up the product within the time limits, Amazon will take back the item without charging additional costs, ensuring the refund of the amount of the order on your credit card.

Amazon Locker: how to find it?

Amazon Lockers are installed at various points of sale, including supermarkets, gas stations, shopping malls and tobacconists who join the initiative. The products available with this mode of withdrawal must be small in size and low in weight, in fact, according to Amazon's guidelines you can choose the withdrawal at the Locker for packages up to 4.5 kg, with maximum measurements of 42cm x 35cm x 32cm.

In addition, the option is available only for products shipped by Amazon.it, while those sent by third-party retailers are not compatible with the service. Anyway, it is possible to use Amazon Lockers also for returns, indicating this form of delivery of the item to be returned so that a courier can proceed with the pickup. The complete list of affiliated stores is continuously updated, so to know all the self-service points present you have to go to the website of the American company.

To find the Amazon Lockers just access the portal by entering your Amazon account, select the Accounts and lists option within the profile settings and click on the Addresses item, then choose the Add address option and continue with To add a pickup point or an Amazon Locker. After that you can use the map, or make a search by entering the zip code, address or a landmark, so after locating the Locker you just need to save it via the Set as Default function.

How to return an item with Amazon Locker

As we mentioned, Amazon Locker also works for returns, so you can use this mode to return unsuitable goods. The procedure involves logging into the online Returns Center section on Amazon.co.uk, then you need to request the return with Locker and wait for the confirmation email. At this point it is necessary to pack the product with care, verify that it does not exceed the allowed dimensions (30x30x30 cm), go to the pick-up point, enter the code received by email and deposit the package as indicated by the guided procedure.

What is the cost of the Amazon Locker service

The cost of Amazon Locker does not include any type of surcharge, so the normal rates applied to the shipment of goods remain valid. In this case, then, Amazon Prime subscribers can also enjoy free deliveries at self-service pickup points, just select this option when ordering. Otherwise, for those who don't have a Prime account, the price of standard deliveries in 2-3 business days starts at 1.99 euros for packages with a small size, up to 6.99 euros for bulky goods.

For same-day shipping without Amazon Prime, however, the fee is 8.99 euros, while for deliveries in 1 business day are required 5.99 euros. Obviously free shipping remains valid for purchases over 29 euros, there are also discounts for those who choose to pick up at an Amazon Locker. In this case, a reduction of 1 euro on the list price is guaranteed, with the threshold for free delivery being lowered to 25 euros for items in the Books category.

What is the gain for hosting Amazon Locker

The infrastructure that includes all the collection points is called Amazon Hub, an ever-expanding network that includes two types of services: Lockers for self-service pickup and Counters for deliveries made by staff. Stores and outlets that meet the requirements can apply to host a Locker or Counter, an option that allows you to increase the flow of customers within your business.

The selection criteria include the presence of adequate space, in fact to install an Amazon Locker you must have at least 2 meters in height and 1.83 in width, with a depth of 60 cm and the availability to mount if necessary additional modules of 90 cm each. In addition to the space it is necessary to ensure a suitable operating time, in fact Amazon requires the opening from Monday to Saturday, closing not before 19 and a lunch break of no more than 1 hour.

Naturally the company of Jeff Bezos prefers businesses with more flexible hours and larger spaces, for example, able to offer continuous hours and Sunday opening, however anyone who has a store that falls within the requirements can apply. To host the Amazon Locker is not expected any kind of earnings, however the installation and maintenance do not involve any expense for the merchant, moreover the system is fully automated and ensures a steady flow of visitors to their business.

What advantages does Amazon Locker offer to customers

For customers who buy on Amazon Lockers are undoubtedly a convenient service, as they allow you to take advantage of a number of important benefits. First of all, you do not have to pay anything to use this mode of pickup, as there are no additional costs, so at the same price as normal shipments, or free in case of Amazon Prime subscribers, the Locker option does not involve any increase in rates.

Furthermore, the pickup in self-service centers is a convenient and practical solution, especially for all people who can not receive packages at home or at work. In this way, all you have to do is choose the Amazon Locker option, avoiding problems of availability to pick up the goods when possible according to your schedule. The 3-day timeframe also ensures good flexibility, so even if the day the item arrives you can't go to the collection point, just do it the next day or the day after.