What is it and how does it work Nirvam, dating site

Nirvam is one of the most famous dating platforms in Italy. A site launched in 2005 that, to date, is well established both in our country and abroad. You can access the community both via mobile devices and through the official website: nirvam.it.

You can meet new people, expand your circle of friends, start relationships and, why not, find your soul mate. All this within your own city or, at the request of the user, outside the borders of your region and your country. In fact, we cannot exclude the possibility that many users, for business or pleasure, are often engaged in travel, which leads to the need to expand the search radius of the system.

This is a system well tested by many other companies, which is certainly not a surprise in the current landscape. What sets Nirvam apart is that it allows its users the ability to initiate video chats. A system that changes the cards on the table, taking digital knowledge to another level. It is therefore possible to anticipate the first meeting, preceding the one in person. A totally digital appointment that allows you to look into the eyes of the person with whom you are talking. There is therefore less filtering in communication and, at the same time, users are better protected.

In fact, there is no risk of finding yourself on a date with someone who does not correspond to the description made and the photo uploaded on your profile. Dated photos, or simply stolen from around the web, are no longer a problem.

How Nirvam works

After registering and logging in for the first time, the system requires some useful information to make a search more consistent with the user's tastes. It is therefore possible to identify one's own target, indicating the age group, the sex and the area of residence.

The functionalities that the platform makes available to its users are varied. Each subscriber can have a reserved area, where he can allow access only to his friends, previously known and found online, or known thanks to Nirvam.

The conversations can also take place via email. The platform allows you to send and receive e-mail messages. You can publish and show your photos to your friends, deciding what to make public and what to keep for yourself. In addition, you can chat freely, without limitations, with single users throughout Italy and beyond.

The ideal partner can be found by filtering through various parameters, from age to interests, from life goals to origin or residence. The main advantage of Nirvam, however, is the size of its community, which boasts more than 3 million members.

How to register to Nirvam

The process of registering to Nirvam is very simple. All you need to do is to fill out the appropriate form, indicating your preferred username and password, as well as a valid email address. The registration will then require other information and, after finishing all the forms, you can complete your profile. This means personalizing your profile, so that you can be known a little bit more by the users when they search.

How much does Nirvam cost

The real doubt that grips the users who come across this platform is represented by the economic factor. The question that everyone asks is: is Nirvam free?

The answer is not so obvious. Registration is totally free and the system offers its users a trial period. Terminato questo, si potrà decidere di proseguire a pagamento o abbandonare la community. Non tutti però si ritrovano a fronteggiare questo dubbio. C’è anche chi non è destinato a pagare alcuna somma e può sfruttare Nirvam gratuitamente per tutto il tempo che vorrà.

Ecco spiegato nel dettaglio in che modo tutto questo si concretizzi. Una volta effettuata l’iscrizione, senza alcun bisogno di versare alcuna quota economica, il sistema offre la possibilità di usufruire di un periodo di prova pari a tre giorni. Per 72 ore dunque Nirvam è totalmente gratuito e il nuovo utente ha modo di scoprire di cosa si tratti, di analizzarne pregi e difetti in prima persona.

Tre giorni di tempo per capire se questa piattaforma rispetti le proprie esigenze. Si avrà dunque accesso a ogni funzionalità a pagamento, per poi decidere se acquistare uno degli abbonamenti a disposizione, necessari per continuare a conoscere nuove persone e chattare con quelle già contattate nei primi tre giorni di prova. Un brevissimo free-trial, che ha però evidentemente convinto moltissime persone a proseguire il proprio cammino in questa community, accettando di pagare le seguenti cifre:

  • 18,95 duro: 1 mese
  • 29,85 euro: 3 mesi
  • 47,70 euro: 6 mesi
  • 59,40 euro: 12 mesi

Un sistema che, come in tutti i casi del genere, spinge a far preferire il canone annuale. Basti considerare che con poco meno di 60 euro si ha a disposizione ben un anno di abbonamento. Un affare, se paragonato ai circa 20 euro necessari per soli 30 giorni d’iscrizione. Si passa dunque dallo spendere 0,63 centesimi al giorno per l’abbonamento mensile, ai 0,16 centesimi al giorno per quello annuale.

C’è però chi non è destinato a pagare alcuna cifra, come indicato in precedenza. Si tratta dell’intera utenza femminile. Le donne possono infatti navigare totalmente gratis, senza alcun vincolo economico. The entire expense is borne by men who, as in many other platforms, represent the majority of the subscribers.

The trial period

The trial period offered by Nirvam to its new members is limited to only 3 days. During this period of time, you can use all the features of the platform. You can send messages to other subscribers and read those eventually received. There are no limits to the use of chats, as well as to the creation of your own private area and, at the same time, to the request of access to that of other users. In addition, there is also priority customer support.

Nirvam believes that 72 hours is enough time to get an idea of what the service is all about. In three days each new user will have to take advantage of the platform as much as possible, in order to understand if it really suits him or not. At the end of this phase, it will be possible to decide whether to continue or not. If the user opts not to pay one of the proposed subscription fees, this will not lead to the automatic deletion of the profile created.

This allows the user to change his mind later, without having to go through the account creation phase again. The account remains active, even in its basic version. Without having to pay anything, you'll be able to access your profile, as well as those of other users. You will be able to search among the members, but not get in touch with them in any way.

The Nirvam App

It is good to point out that Nirvam does not have an app. Despite the fact that the market for dating sites has been growing dramatically in recent years, this platform continues to boast exclusive use via browser.

You can of course access your account through smartphones and tablets, but you will be forced to do so through Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers installed on your devices. This is certainly not the fastest and most comfortable way to start chatting with your contacts or meet new people.

A step backwards compared to the competition or, rather, a failure to update, considering that Nirvam was born in 2005, well before many other platforms. Added to this are other limitations. If it's true that it's possible to have access to the community through smartphones and tablets, this doesn't guarantee the use of all the paid features of the system.

The whole package is made available to users only by using the desktop version, whether from a home PC or Mac or from a laptop. The terms of use clearly specify how use from smartphones and tablets will prevent access to features such as video chat, which is one of the crucial elements of Nirvam, as well as the distinctive one.

All this tends to confirm many of the reviews that you can read on the web about Nirvam. This platform does not seem to be intended for a youth audience. There doesn't seem to be any real competition with apps like Tinder and Bumble, which make the use of mobile devices a real trademark.

The immediacy of use via smartphones and tablets doesn't belong to Nirvam, which knows very well that most of the more than 3 million subscribers don't boast this great familiarity with new technologies. The average age of the most active users is very high, which justifies a purely desktop version, much more affordable for any generation. All this makes even more important the three days of free trial guaranteed.

During those 72 hours you will be able to navigate freely, visiting as many user profiles as possible. It will be possible to have a clear idea of the virtual population present in this vast community. It will then be up to the single user to decide whether to stay or not, evaluating if the average age corresponds to their needs and interests or not.