What is it and what is the purpose of Google’s Project Treble

Project Temple allows manufacturers to speed up the release of new Android updates and save on the development phase

On Android Oreo Google introduced a new feature, known as Project Treble. This is a feature that will allow users not to wait long periods before receiving an update to the operating system. A very useful solution in terms of cybersecurity and performance.

Before this change, which shortens the time needed for updates, the Android world was for a long time a constantly lagging system. That's because after development by Mountain View experts, new versions have to undergo scrutiny by manufacturers who create drivers for their components. Firmware deployment is then required, and finally it's network operators who do testing before giving an update the green light. This long series of steps has slowed the release of patches and updates on the various robottino smartphones for years.

What changes with Project Treble

Project Treble allows users to install a system update regardless of the implementations made by the manufacturer. Also, thanks to a change in the architecture of the Android operating system framework for manufacturers upgrading their device to a new version of the operating system will be easier and less expensive than before. Project Treble will arrive on all new smartphones running Android O. The feature made its debut on the Pixel, Mountain View's flagship phones and then will be released on the other devices. It should be remembered that Android in recent times is also collaborating with the Silicon company to create useful tools to support a specific network in a given country and to move these functions within the common code of the Android open source project (AOSP).