Microsoft Project Rome now supports Android. Here’s what it is

Redmod giant releases an SDK, i.e. a software development package, for programmers aiming for cross-platform services

Microsoft's Project Rome, perhaps not yet well known to the general public, is a technology that Redmond believes in a lot and available since Build 2016, i.e. since March last year that allows to create a unified user experience across devices.

Microsoft's Project Rome, in practice, closely resembles Apple Handoff, a technology that allows you to start a task on one device (PC, console, smartphone) and continue it on another as if it had never been interrupted. Microsoft knows very well that Windows 10 isn't having much success in the mobile device sector so, if until yesterday, development tools were the exclusive preserve of the latest version of its operating system - for PCs and smartphones - this move to also release an SDK version for Android is clearly an attempt to extend the project to as many developers as possible.

How Microsoft Rome works

(Taken from Twitter)

The reason for Microsoft's project being connected to the eternal city is not well understood, much more so is how it works. The goal is, as mentioned, to connect a whole range of devices - desktops, notebooks, computers, tablets, gaming consoles and virtual reality viewers in a sort of "community" almost entirely based on the cloud. Un esempio, come sempre, vale più di mille parole. Ammettiamo che iniziate a scrivere un documento word sul computer, potete interrompere la stesura in qualsiasi momento e riprenderla da dove eravate arrivati su un notebook, tablet o smartphone, naturalmente effettuando il login col lo stesso account Microsoft (MSA). D’ora in poi, sarà possibile farlo anche con i dispositivi Android.


Iniziate un’attività su un dispositivo (computer, console, smartphone) e potete continuarla su un altro come se non fosse mai stata interrotta

Download già disponibile

La funzionalità sarà parte integrante di Windows 10 a partire dall’aggiornamento Creators Update, ma al momento chi volesse iniziare a usare questo strumento può scaricarlo dal sito di Microsoft. L’SDK è compatibile con Java e con Xamarin.