What will be the unique features of the PS5

According to Jim Ryan, the PlayStation 5 will have unique features that have yet to be revealed: what will they be? Here are some guesses

"The PlayStation 5 will have unique features." These are the words of Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, the section of the Japanese company dedicated to video games and consoles. As we now know, Sony is working on the PlayStation 5, whose official debut is expected for the holiday season of 2020. Compared to the Xbox Series X, the next-generation console that Microsoft has already presented, of which we already know enough, the Japanese company has been very stingy with news.

Many expected that during the conference Sony organized at CES 2020 there would be the official presentation of the console. However, this was not the case: Sony only announced the PS5 logo (identical to the PS4 one) and reconfirmed the presence of some already known features of the console: hardware support for ray tracing, super fast SSD, 3D audio and haptic feedback of the controller. To know the other features of the PS5 we have to wait for the official presentation that will take place in the coming months, most likely before the beginning of summer.

PS5: the mysterious features

The words of Jim Ryan create more than a few doubts in the Sony fanbase. One of the secrets of the Play Station's success has never been the unique features, but rather the reliability of the console and the exclusives made by the software houses associated with Sony. Most likely Jim Ryan has been "forced" to say these words to justify the non presentation of the console during CES 2020. Words, which, however, have a weight: now users expect something special from the Play Station 5.

What could be these unique features? Special hardware components? Or a way of playing games never seen before? Difficult that it could be something of this kind, while it is more likely that the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment refers to the backward compatibility of video games. There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the PS5's ability to support video games from previous consoles as well: Sony never took an official position, only saying that it was very complicated to be able to develop such a system.

Backward compatibility is definitely a "unique and special" feature and would really make users very happy, as they wouldn't lose all their favorite games.