WhatsApp, animated stickers are coming. How they work

WhatsApp is testing animated stickers in the beta version. Here's what they are and how they will change conversations with friends

A continuous work of refinement. In recent months, WhatsApp developers are struggling with many new features: the dark mode (which should arrive already in the coming weeks), a new system to protect chats on Android and a new way to listen to voice notes. But the news doesn't end here: WhatsApp is also working on animated stickers to make conversations with friends unique.

The stickers have been introduced a few months ago and have already achieved great success. The next step is to make them animated. They are already present in other instant messaging applications and for the technicians it shouldn't be too complicated to implement them on WhatsApp as well. Tanto che gli sticker animati potrebbero arrivare sulla versione ufficiale già nelle prossime settimane. Per il momento sono stati scovati sulla versione beta di WhatsApp dai ragazzi di WaBetaInfo e sembrano funzionare alla perfezione. Gli sticker animati sono stati rilasciati su Android, iOS e anche su WhatsApp Web.

Come funzionano gli sticker animati su WhatsApp

whatsapp-sticker-animati.gifFonte foto: WaBetaInfo

Come funzionano gli adesivi animati su WhatsApp

Sul blog di WaBetaInfo sono presenti anche delle immagini che mostrano il funzionamento degli adesivi animati. Come si può vedere dall’immagine in alto, rispetto ai classici sticker presenti su WhatsApp, quelli animati rendono più vivaci le conversazioni. Inviare uno sticker animato è molto semplice: basta selezionarli nell’area sticker presente nell’applicazione. In addition to the classic static stickers, there are also animated ones.

The feature has been released in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. And also on WhatsApp Web. This means that the development is at an advanced stage and it shouldn't be long before the final release. In the coming weeks, animated stickers might make their official debut on WhatsApp.