Huawei and Honor, WhatsApp will continue to work

WhatsApp could follow the rules imposed by Trump and remove support for Huawei smartphones. Here's what could in the coming months

For now it is only a hypothesis, but with each passing day it takes more and more ground. WhatsApp could disappear from the Google Play Store of Huawei smartphones. The reason we know it very well: the decision of Trump to include Huawei in the black list of companies that can not have commercial relations with the United States. U.S. companies were forced to terminate contracts already signed and suspend any relationship, including friendship with Chinese executives.

The first company to comply with the order of the U.S. President was Google, which immediately published a tweet in which it informed that owners of Huawei smartphones do not have to worry and will receive support even in the coming months/years. The problem concerns the new smartphones coming out in the next few months, and an example is the Honor 20 Pro, presented a few days ago by Huawei's sub-brand and which did not receive Android certification. The consequences? It probably won't have Google services installed by default (Google Maps, Google Mail). In addition to Google, Intel, Qualcomm and several associations in which Hauwei was involved for the development of semiconductors and Wi-Fi technology have also followed the U.S. guidelines.

WhatsApp would be added to this long list, removing the application from the Google Play Store. But Huawei users don't have to worry: WhatsApp is available in the AppGallery, the online store present in all the Chinese company's smartphones. And it will never lack neither support nor updates.

Ban Huawei could also hit WhatsApp

To launch the news is the German portal derwesten and was taken up in Italy by the site The news for the moment has not been confirmed by the staff of the application, but in the coming months the situation could change. For the moment the decision imposed by Trump has been blocked for ninety days and at the end of the truce the companies will have to break off again the relationship with Huawei. WhatsApp, having its headquarters in the United States, could be forced to respect the will of the President of the United States, but on this point there is no certainty.

The alternatives to use WhatsApp on the Huawei smartphone

The Chinese giant, logically, would not be found unprepared in front of such news and already has the solution ready in house. On all Huawei smartphones there is AppGallery, the online store of the Chinese company, in which there is also the WhatsApp application. So, if in the future the social app will disappear from the Google Play Store, Huawei users will always be able to download it from AppGallery.

The other alternative is to release the new operating system on which Huawei has been working for a couple of years now, well before the possible ban of WhatsApp. This would mean, however, that the presentation of the Huawei OS would take place within a couple of months at most. Eventuality rather difficult: in the best case scenario it will be necessary to wait until the end of 2019.