Windows 10, the latest update is creating problems: what’s going on

The Windows 10 security update can create problems on users' PCs: here's what's going on

As usual with every major Windows 10 update, the first reports of problems arrive after the security update released on Tuesday, August 11. To give news is the site that has collected comments from users directly from the official Microsoft forum. The updates that create problems are KB4566782, the August Patch Tuesday for the Windows 10 May Update operating system, and KB4565351, the version of Windows 10 updated to the last update of last year.

Although the update IDs are different, in both cases it is the security update that fixed 120 vulnerabilities, including two very serious ones that could put users' data at risk. But what are the problems reported by users? Many people talk about the inability to install the update. The computer automatically downloads the update, tries to install it, but crashes, displaying an error code on the screen. The process continues endlessly until the PC shuts down because the battery is low. Other users, however, report problems with webcam recognition and voice recognition.

Windows 10, why the latest security update won't install

As it happens every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft has released its security update for Windows 10. Very important update, not only because solve 120 vulnerabilities, but because some critical bugs were discovered that could be exploited by hackers to take control of the PC. For this reason, the installation of the August 2020 Patch Tuesday is not only strongly recommended, but you can consider it almost mandatory.

We say almost because in the last few hours problems have emerged to those who have tried to install the update on the PC. These problems are not insignificant, since many of them are unable to complete the installation of the update and are left with a blocked PC. Testimonials come directly from the Microsoft forums, where many users have posted testimonials with their problems.

What exactly happens? In some cases users fail to complete the installation: at some point an error code is shown on the screen and the PC starts from scratch. In the case of laptops until the battery dies. In other cases, however, the installation of the update conflicts with some features or tools of the PC: some people report that the computer is no longer able to recognize the webcam or facial recognition.

What to do with the update? The advice is to install it to protect your PC from the vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft's developers, but if you're afraid of running into any of these problems, you can wait a few days for a further update from the Redmond company.