Windows 10 update, more problems: what’s going on

Now more problems for Microsoft with Windows 10, even the second version of the update released by Redmond has numerous bugs and incompatibilities

The October 2018 Microsoft update for Windows 10 is becoming a real nuisance for the Redmond house. In the very early days of the release, a bug surfaced that forced Microsoft to withdraw the update to avoid damaging users' PCs. The epic seemed to end a few days ago, when a new corrected version was released, but it seems not to be like that at all.

Many users who have installed Windows 10 October 2018 Update, in fact, are complaining about new bugs and new malfunctions. This time, no sudden file deletions, as happened with the first version of the update, but a series of new issues that slow down the PC and make it difficult to use. In short, new headaches for Microsoft developers, who will have to put their hands on the operating system's source code again. If we have noticed that the update is again available in the Windows 10 update center, our advice is to wait. Most likely Microsoft will need some time to fix all the new issues that have emerged in Windows 10 1089. Here are specifically the different bugs found so far.

New issues with Windows 10 update

As mentioned, there are several bugs that are affecting in these hours the second version of the Windows 10 October update. For example, in Windows Explorer for no particular reason a red X is displayed on mapped network drives. Even searching for them through the command prompt shows the network drives as unavailable. And in the notification center, the warning message "Unable to reconnect all network drives" keeps appearing. Pretty inconvenient bugs especially in work environments with multiple computers connected to the same Network.

Microsoft has let it be known that this problem was already present in the first update in October and that it will be fixed not before the beginning of 2019. As if that wasn't enough, the company Trend Micro has made it known that the 1089 version of Windows 10 is incompatible with its antivirus and therefore anyone who has installed this software will not be able to upgrade without first uninstalling the computer security program. Finally, if we are using a Radeon HD2000 or HD4000 graphics card from AMD we are quite in serious trouble. The reason? With the new build of Windows 10 an error code "INVALID_POINTER_READ_c0000005_atidxx64.dll" will appear, preventing the display of images on the screen. Probably regarding the incompatibility with Trend Micro and Radeon graphics cards Microsoft will try to release a patch before the end of 2018.