Windows 10, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems with the May Update

The distribution of the new Windows 10 update has begun a few days ago and already come the first problems. This time it's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Not even the last semi-annual update of Windows 10, namely the May Update 2019 (formerly April Update), is free of problems. Numerous, in fact, the reports already arrived from users related to problems arising from the Windows 10 update. The most frequent ones have to do with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, but there are also reports related to USB and SD memories.

Let's be clear: nothing comparable to the real disaster that occurred following the previous October Update in 2018, which even caused the loss of personal data from the hard drives of some users. However, the problems are there and Microsoft is working to solve them but for some fixes users will have to wait. Also because most of the malfunctions depend on third-party device drivers and, consequently, the solution also comes from companies outside Microsoft.

Windows 10 May Update: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems

Most of the reports of Wi-Fi problems resulting from the Windows 10 update depend on an old driver for Qualcomm's network controllers. The company is working on an updated driver that won't give problems on Win 10 1903. Microsoft, on the other hand, has suspended the update for PCs equipped with Qualcomm's network chips with the old drivers installed. Identical problem with Realtek and, again, Qualcomm branded Bluetooth drivers: after installing the Windows update, PCs have trouble finding Bluetooth devices and pairing them.

Windows 10 May Update: other minor issues

If your PC has an external drive connected via USB or an SD memory card inserted in the slot, then it's likely that you can't install the Win 10 May Update. Usually, the installation brings back the message "This PC cannot be updated to Windows 10". Microsoft recommends unplugging USB drives and removing SD cards before starting the update. In the meantime, it is working on a fix for this issue. Driver issues also for PCs with RAID controllers from AMD, which, thankfully, has already released a software update that completely fixes the malfunction. Minor issues, finally, for Dolby Atmos audio and some graphics card features like color profiles and screen brightness.