YouTube Go, now you can watch videos offline too

Available in beta version only for Android, YouTube Go will allow users to download videos and watch them even without an internet connection

First Netflix, now YouTube too. The Google-owned video platform has just launched a new service that will allow users to watch videos even without the use of an internet connection.

After a trial period started last year in September, where offline streaming was tested in 15 Indian cities, YouTube Go is now available for some green robot users. At the moment, in fact, the new Google app will be downloadable in beta version only on Android. How does the YouTube service work? Users, through the app, will be able to download and save videos and then watch them offline. There are many advantages that this kind of functionality offers. In addition to the ability to watch your favorite clips even when you have no connection, Google's mobile service will above all allow you to save a lot of data traffic.

There will be no place for HD videos

The new application will provide users with various download options. In fact, videos will be able to be downloaded in 144p quality or in standard 360p mode. In YouTube Go there won't be space for HD resolution, at least for now. And the reason is quite simple. The app was created especially for those who don't have broadband. Downloading a high-resolution video will inevitably consume a lot of data traffic. The content, as mentioned, can be saved both on devices, but also on SD cards. Users can also choose to share the files with friends and relatives. The Google application in fact supports Bluetooth connectivity, although, according to what we guess, you will still need the internet to complete the operation.

Not only offline streaming: other news coming

YouTube therefore launches this feature, much appreciated by users and that for now will be available in beta version only on Android. But that's not the only news that the video giant has in mind to launch. In the coming days, in fact, could also arrive an update that will allow many youtubers to broadcast live video.