Chrome update: web pages, music and videos also offline

Google is launching the latest version of its browser, thanks to icons you can save pages and multimedia content for offline viewing

Much of our life is online, but those who often use smartphones have to fight against the short battery life. It is also for this reason that several companies are investing in offline. Among them Google that in the new Chrome update will allow downloading pages, videos and music.

Downloading web pages for offline viewing. With the new Chrome update, launched in these days on Google Play, and that will also be available for mobile, it will become easy and fast to download web pages for their offline viewing. Users will also be happy to know that with the new version of the browser it will also be possible to download music and videos directly from the sites they visit. This will allow those who use certain online services to replay or review their multimedia content without needing to drain their battery excessively or consume their smartphone's data connection.

How it works

Using Chrome's new feature is very simple. To save a page, just click on the save icon in the top right corner and you're done. While for videos and music pop-up icons will appear that if clicked will allow us to save that media content for offline viewing. To see everything we've downloaded then just go to the Download section of the same Google browser.