YouTube Music: what are the three personalized playlists like Spotify

Google's audio streaming service is enriched with three automated playlists that will allow users to discover new singers and music genres

It's news time for YouTube Music. The service dedicated to music streaming of the famous Google-owned platform has announced the introduction of three new automated playlists designed specifically to allow its users to discover new music.

The new platforms were unveiled directly by Neal Mohan, CPO of YouTube, during an event organized in the United States by TechCrunch. The objective, not too much veiled, is to contrast the overwhelming power of Spotify in this sector, offering a functionality similar to those already offered by the Swedish giant. The playlists for discovering new music, in fact, are one of Spotify's strong points and will now also be available on YouTube Music.

YouTube Music: the new playlists

There are three new playlists designed specifically for YouTube Music users, all updated on a weekly basis: Discover Mix, New Release Mix and Your Mix. The Discover Mix will contain tracks by artists unknown to the user, but which might be interesting as they reflect the musical tastes and genres of what the user has previously listened to. It's a playlist similar to the one used by Spotify called Discovery Weekly and already released gradually and quietly by YouTube since last September. The other two playlists will be available soon: New Release Mix will offer all new songs by artists followed by the user, while a set of songs consisting of songs by artists followed by the user and unknown artists will be available in the Your Mix selection.

YouTube Music: subscription prices

There are currently two versions of YouTube Music: a free one with ads and a paid one that allows you to have an app and a web player. The paid version of YouTube Music costs 9.99 euros per month, but you can try it for free for 3 months and then eventually start paying. Compared to the free one, the paid version allows you to do song downloads, get rid of advertisements and the ability to listen to music in the background with the device screen locked.