Instagram introduces Nametag to add followers faster

Instagram is introducing a new feature called Nametag to quickly add new users, here's how it works and how to use it on our profile

Tags in the Stories, music always in the Stories and now also the functions for repost with a touch. In short, Instagram in recent times has been busy adding new features to its platform. And the social media for photos does not want to stop and has presented the new Nametag.

Nametag is a new feature in our Instagram profile that serves to add followers even faster. A sort of "business card" very customizable and internal to the platform that we can scan with the camera of our phone to add with a click another user to our list of friends. What is the specific purpose of Nametag? Simple, we are at an event, an evening or a business meeting and we find a person who seems nice and with whom we would like to stay in touch on social media. Perfect, at this point he can show us his Instagram Nametag on the screen of his smartphone and we scan the Nametag with the camera and add it to our followers of the social network. Simple, convenient and above all we will avoid not finding people with user names too particular to remember or confuse them with homonyms on the platform.

How does Nametag Instagram

To start creating our Nametag we need only go to the section dedicated to our profile, the symbol in the shape of a little man in the bottom right, and press on the menu (the three horizontal lines in the upper right). Among the options that appear we select the one called Nametag. Here a tab will open where we can add emoji to our Nametag, take a selfie or choose a colorful background. We can change the Nametag as many times as we want. The Nametag is nothing more than a code that you can scan with your username and a series of smilies around it. And to scan a Nametag of another how do we do? Very simple, go back to our profile and in the section dedicated to the Nametag, here at the bottom we will find the words Scan a Nametag and press on it. This will automatically open the camera of our phone from which we can scan the nametag of a user we want to add to the following.