Instagram, coming feature to delete unnecessary followers

Do you have an Instagram profile but interact little several followers? Now the app could even remove them from your list. Here's the news

Instagram is working on several features that allow users to have more control over the feed and privacy, with particular reference to the circulation of images and other personal data. With this in mind, the app would be working on a solution to eliminate unnecessary followers.

Now there are many users who collect followers with whom they don't interact much anymore and the news coming to Instagram is aimed precisely at those who remain in the list of followers, more out of courtesy than for a real mutual interest. According to expert and developer Jane Manchun Wong, the app would be planning to divide the accounts in the follower list according to the level of interaction with the account. The user will then be able to create lists to which they can then apply specific activities. You'll probably be able to delete them or even decide to see less content from that account, just like it currently happens on Facebook.

New feature on Instagram: here's how the app will split followers

Those who already have a Facebook profile won't be surprised by the feature coming to Instagram. The app has decided to split followers based on the level of interaction. In fact, in Mark Zuckerberg's other platform, contacts are divided into "acquaintances" and "friends". As a result, the channel tends to show only the posts of friends, relegating acquaintances to the contact list. Instagram is experimenting with a feature that will allow it to group accounts, putting its hand especially on those who follow but don't leave comments, likes or start any other kind of conversation.

The app will divide followers based on several parameters. For example, there might be the list of people you interact with the least, another of contacts who are shown the most in the feed. The list will be based on the information and interaction of the last 90 days. Users will have followers broken down by engagement and will be able to decide to add or delete people from the different lists.

These reports are not official, so the new feature will probably never see the light of day. In fact, it was Jane Manchun Wong who unearthed the news inside the code and communicated its existence via her Twitter account.

What are the other new features on Instagram?

In recent months, the app has been the protagonist of many changes. The most important of all is the elimination of the number of likes from content: this feature was created to make users focus on the quality of the post, without people being influenced by the involvement of other users. Very soon, more changes are expected, such as the elimination of the Followers Tab, to protect users' privacy. In short, Instagram is changing at the drop of a hat, who knows if the newly scouted feature will become a reality or will be nipped in the bud.