Instagram, introduced feature that blurs offensive photos

Instagram introduces two-factor authentication and filters against offensive images that will improve user security

After the fight against fake news, which in recent months seems to have reached a turning point, mainly due to pressure from various governments, the main social networks also move against the publication of offensive content, introducing new features.

Instagram, the platform for photos and videos acquired by Facebook, has just launched a filter that obscures images of strong emotional impact. The peculiarity of the service added by Instagram is that it also applies to those photos that do not violate the rules or conditions of use of the social. From what we can guess, the feature will cover those sensitive contents that some people might find shocking. The social will only apply the filter after the photo has been reported by users. Not breaking Instagram's policies, the "censored" images will still be visible. Just remove the filter by clicking on the photo.

More security

The second feature launched by the social network instead concerns security. Already introduced for a limited number of users, the feature is now available for everyone. We're talking about dual authentication, better known as two-factor authentication. As with WhatsApp and other major social and messaging applications, the feature will allow you to add a higher level of protection to your accounts. In this way, if someone were to appropriate the user's password, they would not be able in any way to enter their profiles.

The feature, in fact, will require subscribers to enter a code received via sms, in addition to the classic credentials. To use two-factor authentication, you will first need to activate it from the app's settings.